Victorian Railways   

E - Open   &   S - Flat Wagons

VR E Open wagon

In 1924 the VR bought two knocked-down wagon kits from American Car & Foundry as part of the order for the SAR. These wagons were assembled at Newport Workshops and coded E1 and E2. In 1927-1928 the Victorian railways assembled an additional 200 wagons to the same design. 

VR S Flat wagon 

In 1941 100 E Open wagon had their sides and removed for use as flat wagons during WW2. Most were returned to open wagon traffic during 1947 with HY style welded steel sides and ends. Those not rebuilt remained as S flat wagons or were converted for Oil Tank traffic.

The models were initially designed and tooled by Eureka Models, Phoenix have revised the design and expanded the range to cover a larger variety of prototypes.